The Freedom Manifesto -- There has been a war in Finland for more than hundred years since 1523 and more than 100 years have passed since the Finnish civil war. The attitude of those in power towards the citizens has not changed, however. This is why the citizens should distance themselves from their leaders and systems of their leaders with simple changes to their daily activities. Citizens of the World, disunite! You have nothing to lose but your invisible chains.

01. -- In 1938, 20 years had passed since the end of the armed battles of the Finnish Civil War. The caption of the postcard below reads as follows: "the 20th anniversary parade of the end of the War of Independence". The troops are standing at the market square in front of the presidential palace in Helsinki. The leader of the Whites, Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim -- a Russian spy during the tsarist era -- seems to be sitting on horseback in front of the troops.

02. -- The very next year, 1939, the Soviet Union started a war against Finland. That was not the first time. From 1523 to 1917, there were 109 years of war, of which 72 years were with Russia (source: KARJALA MUISTOJEN MAA, WSOY 1940 page 12). When help was now received from Germany, the Soviet Union was unable to conquer Finland -- but that was not enough. Because Germany lost its own war and Baron Mannerheim had expanded the war from Finland to the territory of the Soviet Union in violation of the military oath, Finland lost large areas including the Karelian isthmus to the Soviet Union in the peace treaty that ended the Second World War.

03. -- Wars between states come and go because there are always leaders who want to send their subjects to die. Civil wars are a different matter. The oppressed seek their rights and the oppressors try to prevent it. In fact, the civil war of Finland in 1918 is still not over. Repressive measures against those rich, poor and average citizens who have defended their rights as plaintiffs and witnesses, will continue as before. This is possible because Finland is probably the most corrupt country in the World. Not in a conventional way but because of structural corruption built inside the laws. The traditional question is whether to change the leaders or the people. The answer for Finland is clear: throw out the leaders!

04. -- Although those in power in Finland use extreme physical violence against their own citizens, even leading to death, the misery is most often carried out with the help of money. Finns are most familiar with taxation violence (tax house in the picture), seizures of assets, preventing access to social benefits and long-term deprivation of other basic conditions of life. These covert forms of violence often cause the same result as physical violence, with the difference that the victim is deliberately subjected to torture before death.

05. -- Based on heavy structural corruption that makes conventional corruption unnecessary, the descendants of the former poor of the civil war (The Reds) are now the new masters of the Finns. In the middle of this corruption structure are the state operated gambling organization Veikkaus Oy (veikkaus.fi), all major political parties and Nordea Bank, the best known money laundering bank in Scandinavia. What is the solution? It is not a very far-fetched idea that citizens should distance themselves from their leaders and systems of their leaders. An independent citizen is not a voluntary slave, but free without fighting.

06. -- The only goal for real living individuals in the Freedom Manifesto July 14, 2023 is to become invisible. If successful, nothing else is needed. If not, how to become invisible? Without telling anybody, get rid of Android, iPhone, Apple, Windows, Microsoft, your government, big corporations and television. If you are interested in cats, tell about dogs in so called "Social Media" or keep silent. Let everyone believe that you are one of the slaves like them but get free in silence. Using these principles, detailed information has been made invisibly available to the individuals of the future.


07. -- With one sentence: what almost everyone else is already doing, no one should do anymore. Citizens of the World, disunite! You have nothing to lose but your invisible chains. The same in Finnish:

Sitä mitä jo lähes kaikki muut tekevät, kenenkään ei kannata enää tehdä. Kaikki maailman ihmiset, erottautukaa toinen toisistanne! Teillä ei ole muuta menetettävää kuin näkymättömät kahleenne.