One Time Pad (OTP) made censorship impossible

Encrypting, decrypting and how to make censorship impossible. One Time Pad (OTP) is the ONLY reliable tool for encrypting and decrypting but also the most effective tool against all kind of censorship. Short description: File A and B combined tell about cats. File C and D combined tell about dogs. File B and C combined tell about corruption. -- There is a simple One Time Pad (OTP) tool at the end of this page.

All claims that a string or a document means or does not mean something are then equally true or equally false, i.e. pure nonsense. Everything is here and nothing is here. Everything is there and nothing is there. This also applies to texts, images, videos, sounds and everything that can be transmitted using the internet.

An example: the American STOP CSAM Act, the European Digital Services Act, Client-Side-Scanning (CSS) and the hardened chinese style Social Credit System (#ChatControl #eIDAS #CBDC) have no power against any material protected with OTP because government documents will be parts of the protected private documents they want to destroy. This example is similar to cats, dogs and corruption (A..D) above. One Time Pad (OTP) made censorship impossible!

Always remember that One Time Pad (OTP) can be used in many different ways for encrypting and against censorship. Quantum computers of the future and artificial intelligence (AI) can NEVER break the protection that is available with One Time Pad (OTP) only. There are no better things than One Time Pad (OTP) when used correctly!


Simple One Time Pad (OTP) tool

At first, click the red "clear" button. Instead of writing your plain text or just nonsense to the "TYPE" field, you can then also copy/paste any text in the fields "MESSAGE" and "KEY". Next click the button "ENCRYPT". After encrypting some text, copy the text from the "OUTPUT" field, paste it to the "MESSAGE" field and click the "DECRYPT" button to see that encryption and decryption really work!